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Letter from Colibri

Thank you for your interest in Colibri Partners, a non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of the Dominican Republic village of Juanillo.

Juanillo is one of many Dominican villages that have been relocated for development. The developer of the area built a beautiful inland village for Juanillo. But villagers lacked the knowledge and resources to maintain the new community. The result: a rapid deterioration of the buildings and infrastructure – and a breakdown of what had been a thriving community of 300.
Read more of our story here.

When we learned of the plight of the Juanillo residents, we formed Colibri Partners. Our goal: to provide

  • A strong childhood educational program that teaches skills aimed at self-sufficiency
  • Adult training for community maintenance and 21st century jobs
  • Recycling education and training
  • Recreational/cultural programs

Our vision is a vibrant community that both preserves its local culture and has a strong foundation in skills that will allow Juanillo to thrive for generations to come. We sincerely appreciate your assistance and sponsorship of our many projects to revitalize Juanillo.


2014 Colibri Accomplishments

Two thousand and fourteen was eventful and rewarding. With help and support of our volunteers and financial contributors we were able to accomplish our stated objectives. Noted here are just some of our accomplishments.

  • Hired two teachers reducing the class size and providing two classes per day.
  • Established a computer laboratory sponsored by Orange Telecom
  • Volunteers started offering English classes to all grades.
  • Two women were offered scholarships from the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation where they participated in an extensive course in Taxidermy.
  • Provided essential dental and physicals and eye exams for all of the students in the Juanillo school.
  • Started comprehensive re-cycling education and practice for both the school and the community areas.
  • Refurbished and revitalized the former church into a multipurpose center for education, art, entertainment, and community meetings.
  • Offered scholarship for one student in the Juanillo school to the Escuela de Musica in Las Canas, Cap Cana.
  • Offered music lessons to first grade students in the Juanillo school.

More to come for 2015

Get involved!

Join us in helping the children of Juanillo. Make a donation. Donate products, materials or labor. Become a Partner. Become a Sponsor. Become a Volunteer. The Juanillo community and Colibri welcome you. Contact us any time.

Program Events

20th International Billfish Tournaments

Clearly the finest tournament in the Caribbean will take place in Cap Cana, June 8th through the 14th, 2015.

Participants will enjoy incredible fishing, fabulous marina, awesome parties and prizes and great comraderie. Rick Alvarez will host the event. There will be both International and local fishermen participating in the event. There will be beach parties, daily Happy Hour at the docks, a Brugal Rum Caribbean Bash, a Chivas Regal White Party, a Golf Scramble, Cook-off Culinary Competition, Raffles and lots more.

Part of the proceeds will benefit local childrens charities. More information and registry at: www.intlbillfishtourns.com

Tournament will be held June 08 through June 14, 2015

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